About Erika

Images courtesy of Lacey Monroe Photography

Images courtesy of Lacey Monroe Photography

Hi! My name is Erika and I am a lover of life and a teller of stories.

I am a Midwestern girl with a little case of wanderlust and a big appetite.  I have had caprese in Italy, blutwurst in Germany, and piscos in Peru.  I have lived on both coasts as well as a couple of places in between.  In my opinion, people are like goldfish; if they are kept in a small bowl, their growth will be limited.  As a little fish in a big world I listen, observe, and explore as much as I possibly can.

My husband and I were lucky enough to meet in high school.  We have embarked on many adventures, both large and small, in our 14 years together.  In 2012 we added one charming little boy to the mix. Now we go exploring as a happy and curious family of three.

Currently, my family and I live in Poulsbo, Washington.  We are in love.  This beautiful part of the country has planted itself in the hearts of wanderers and made them consider laying down some real roots.

If I am not at my computer, I am likely in our kitchen baking. Sometimes I fantasize about owning a bakery until I remember how early I would have to wake up.

My life would not be what it is without local businesses, craft beer, yoga and really good coffee.

Photography worked its way into my soul while I was studying communications and journalism in college.  The photographer’s power to stop time and capture life and capture truth fascinated me.  There is a rare beauty in a private moment that only a camera can make tangible.

Everyone has a story that deserves to be told.  My goal is to help tell your story.  I want to provide your with a window into the past; a small memento of who you were, how you lived, and how you loved at this very moment.

To tell your story, contact me today!